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Postdoctoral Research Position in Millimeter Astronomy for NOEMA - NOW CLOSED -

2016-12-00 | Ref: VN2016-12
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IRAM is an international research organization for millimeter and submillimeter astronomy supported by the CNRS (France), the Max-Planck Gesellschaft (Germany), and the IGN (Spain). IRAM operates two world-class research facilities, a 30-meter single-dish telescope in Spain and an interferometer of currently six 15-meter antennas in the French Alps near Grenoble. The institute also houses one of the nodes of the European ALMA science support center. IRAM is now heavily engaged in the construction of NOEMA, an ambitious project to extend the scientific capabilities of the interferometer by doubling the number of antennas, doubling the current angular resolution capabilities, and increasing the performance of the receivers and correlator systems.

In that context, IRAM is opening a position in the NOEMA Science Operations Group. The successful candidate is expected to invest 50% of the time on astronomical research, in collaboration with astronomers within and outside IRAM, and 50% to participate in the activities of the group. Among the tasks are: take part in a range of activities to support the integration and science verification of NOEMA subsystems, provide assistance to the scientific operation of NOEMA as an astronomer on duty, support the user community to visiting astronomers in the preparation of proposals and observations, and provide technical expertise in the analysis and interpretation of data obtained with the interferometer. Depending on experience and skills, she/he might also take part in software developments related to the data processing and calibration pipeline of NOEMA.

The current position offers the opportunity for astronomers to work with world-class research facilities and pursue their career in a very dynamic and competitive field of research. IRAM's research programs cover a wide range of subjects from ISM chemistry, planetary science, young stellar objects, late stage stellar evolution, to extragalactic research at low and high redshift.

We are seeking qualified candidates with a PhD (or close to completion), preferably with a demonstrated observational experience and a strong interest in (sub)millimeter wave interferometry. Good English communication skills and a strong sense of team spirit are essential attributes. Aptitude and interest in developing software applications and working experience in an international research environment are highly welcome.

Interested candidates should send their curriculum vitae, bibliography, a brief statement of research interests, an outline of future plans, and arrange for three letters of reference. Applications received before February 19, 2017 will be given full consideration, but will continue to be accepted until the position is filled. The appointments are for two years with the possibility of extension, and could start as early as possible. Applications and reference letters are to be submitted by email to the IRAM personnel department ( Questions should be directed to the Head of the Astronomy Group (

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