Dr. Jesús Gómez González obituary

With great sadness IRAM has learned about the passing of Dr. Jesús Gómez González, IGN. With him one of the founding figures of Spanish radio astronomy has disappeared. For more than forty years Jesús was an ardent supporter of IRAM and a personal friend of many of us.

Having completed his PhD in 1974 at the university Complutense of Madrid he stayed for two years at Paris observatory as a postdoc where he created many of the contacts which would later be important for his role in the IRAM partnership.

After coming back to Spain in the second half of the seventies he was entrusted with the creation of the Yebes radio observatory and already at that time developed close contact to the consortium who was in place to create IRAM. After having been very active in the organization of the local facilities in Granada he became a deputy director of the IRAM 30m telescope during the early years of operation.

In the late eighties Jesús was a driver to make IGN Spain a full partner of IRAM. He served several years as a member of the IRAM SAC and more than twenty-five years in the IRAM executive council. The institutional and staff members of IRAM are grateful for this lifetime engagement. Our thoughts are with his family.

Karl Friedrich Schuster
Director IRAM