Integration support and social benefits

Remuneration is composed of a monthly salary, complemented by various allowances such as expatriation allowance, family allowance or seniority allowance. If you have to move to take up a position, you may be eligible for an installation allowance.

All employees and their families benefit from a dual insurance scheme, which includes both state-provided and supplemental private health insurance, as well as a comprehensive employee welfare plan.

To help you settle into your new life, we offer mobility assistance and personalized support through a specialized consulting company. Our HR department will also help you with the administrative processes.

For newcomers free French classes are offered to help them adapt to life in France.

Special services and work arrangements

IRAM creates a working environment that allows the right balance between an inspiring work experience and periods for rest and family. You will thus enjoy various working arrangements:

Employees at IRAM are entitled to 26 days of paid leave annually, along with an additional 28 days off to balance the 40-hour workweek, where half of these days are predetermined by IRAM and the remaining 14 can be scheduled at the employee’s discretion.

Maternity, paternity and parental leave are possible, as foreseen by the French law.

Additional days of leave will enable you to stay with your loved ones for important family events: marriage, birth and death.

Gender equality index

Employment at IRAM is open to all nationalities, irrespective of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion.

In France, the fight against gender inequality in companies has been given a new tool since 2019: the gender equality index.

In the form of a score out of 100, it makes it possible to evaluate the differences in pay in each company. For companies with at least 50 employees, this index is composed of 4 main criteria that assess the inequalities between women and men.

At IRAM this index is 86/100 for 2023.

For more information on how the index is calculated:
See here